Studio Flute Goup Class

When we first started, my daughter was really struggling with playing the flute.  Ms. Emma recognized right away that her instrument was too big for her and assisted us with finding the proper sized flute.  My daughter took off after that and loves going to her flute lessons.  Ms. Emma is patient and cares about the student understanding all aspects of music.  She gently pushes my daughter to work on pieces that will challenge her and provides recital opportunities to increase her performance skills.  We are so glad to have her as our instructor.


Studio Flute Recital

Thank you Emma for all your expertise. I took a long hiatus from playing and found Emma to get back to playing and I can say that I am a much better flute player than I was years ago. She takes the time and is a straight professional when it comes to flute study. She pushes me to overcome certain obstacles and without her I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you!


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